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Every day I get requests from companies that want content written in their brand voice. The problem is that when I ask what their brand voice is, they don't know.


Your brand voice is that which is seen, read, and heard. Consistency is imperative across all platforms so that when a customer or prospect views your content, without even reading anything, they know it's you.

My definition of a brand voice is that voice used for all content and messaging that identifies the vibe of your brand. Imagine that you're a relaxed, lifestyle brand such as beach and surf gear. You would want your brand voice to reflect that culture in written, verbal and visual content. Maybe you're offering professional services. Then you want to use professional language, colors, and images to convey and earn trust.

Strong branding has built-in mechanisms that resonate with your audience. Doing a fly-by-night without headlights approach won't bring you the results you seek. Your sales team needs to use your brand voice in every outreach.


The question you may have now is, how do I create a brand voice? Aside from hiring a Branding Expert like myself, you can find your brand voice by doing a little homework.

Assuming you have your Brand DNA completed, look at all of the content you have created for your company and explore commonalities. The most important component in your brand voice creation is identifying how you want your customer to feel when working with your company.


Let's go back to the beach and surfing example. Here is what I envision when I hear beach and surfing: casual, friendly, approachable, light-hearted, fun, ay-caramba-dude kind of vibe. I see cool merch, big waves, sand, salt, and sun. Wet hair and wet suits, bikinis, and boards. That's your audience. If you get all fancy on them, they won't hear you. I bet when I just wrote that description, you could "see it" too. That's what you want for your own company, the instant recognition of who you are and what you're selling.

The vibe. It's all about the vibe.

Once you have determined your brand voice, now is the time to create your Brand Story. And, don't forget to choose your Brand Color Palette if you haven't done so already.

Need help building your Brand Identity? I can help because that's what I do. Connect with me here or on Upwork, and let's get you on the right track together.

Until next time,

Keverne Denahan

Luxury Copywriter & Brand Expert

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