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What is a brand story? In the last blog, I spoke about creating your brand voice. Now, let’s take it to the next level and use that brand voice for your brand story.


My definition of a brand story is taking your passion plus your journey and then combining it to share with the world. If you’re an indie designer or a large company, your audience still wants to know who you are and why you started. That's when your Brand DNA comes into play.

In other words, your brand story is quite literally the story behind the brand. Sometimes people think their story is not worth telling, but I beg to differ. Your story is always worth telling. It's how you spin it to make it compelling and authentic.

When people read your story, it should trigger emotions that compel them to keep reading and learn more. They should instantly know who you are and what you do. You want them to learn more, discover this, and click on that.

You might be thinking that your persona wouldn't read the About Us because they don’t care. The reality is, you don’t really know what people do, and often, neither do they. They may never read a brand story, and then one day they get curious. It’s better to have a brand story than not to have one.

If you think you can write your own compelling brand story, or at least the first draft, start with these:


1. Inspiration

What was the inspiration behind your brand? Something must have happened at some point that propelled you to start this company. It could have been an experience or event, or maybe the business has been in the family for generations. Whatever it is, share it in your story.

2. Passion

Include your passion for your business in your story. Was this something you did as a hobby but never considered that it could be a business? Or was it more of a calling? Share how you have integrated your passion into this business.

3. USP

You will want to weave your unique selling proposition, or differentiators, into your brand story.

4. The Journey

Life is about stories. You’re sharing your story with the world. Start from the past and bring it forward to the present. The point is you want to take your customers on your journey. You can include your core values or your humble beginnings. Maybe this has been a lifelong dream. Whatever the journey of the company, make it personal.

5. The Emotional Bond

The point of brand storytelling is to get people to read it. When they like what they’re reading, you build an emotional bond. In other words, they will feel more loyal towards your company. Words tell, but emotions sell.


Have you started taking notes for your story? If you’re stuck and need someone to do it for you, well, you’re reading a blog by the person that can help you.

Until next time,


Keverne Denahan

Luxury Copywriter & Brand Expert

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