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In this second article of a three-part series, we'll talk about how a brand refresh is different from rebranding or a pivot for your business.


A brand refresh means injecting a breath of fresh air into your business to help with your brand identity, like a makeover for your brand. It's less costly and less risky than a rebrand because you're keeping your brand heritage, company name and the main components of your brand the same.

The purpose of a brand refresh is to make some subtle changes to your branding and positioning so your audience knows that you're still in business and relevant. A brand refresh is part of the journey of brand development.

By injecting vitality into the brand, you’re showing that your image is current while also expanding your reach to new customers.

You aren't changing the company name or making other big changes, you're just adding some new components to give your business new life to experience growth and thrive.

A brand refresh is basically a strategy to reinvigorate your brand, but you need to do some homework first.


I would start understanding your brand identity by:

· Looking at your competitive landscape

· Making a list of your differentiators

· Creating surveys and semi-formal focus groups

· Analyzing trends within your industry

You need to find out how your market perceives your brand for product, price, and positioning.

Maybe you haven’t been listening to the market and are missing out on the latest trends which is why you need to spend some time analyzing current trends.

Find out how the market feels about your brand. If you're coming out with a new product or category, or changing your marketing strategy, these are all factors that contribute to the need for a brand refresh.


Knowing when to ask for help is key to creating the right strategy. Unless you have an A-list Team, it’s usually a good idea to hire an outside Branding Specialist. They come in with a fresh approach and new ideas on how to structure your branding makeover.

An expert also has the experience you will need for research and copywriting for website content, and more.

When one of my clients is wanting a brand refresh, or confused about what they need, the first thing I do is give them my Brand DNA worksheet so I can understand who they are, what they know and where they're headed.


Is it worth it to do a brand refresh? You bet it is. If you're wanting to grow or reinvigorate your business, then a brand refresh will help you reach more people. It recharges your brand, but also will recharge you.

Most importantly, it's likely that you will be happily surprised about how much more business you get from making these changes.

The next article in this series is about pivoting and how that’s different from a brand refresh and a rebrand.

Until next time,

Keverne Denahan

Luxury Copywriter & Brand Expert

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