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We've all heard this phrase. It was brought to the spotlight from the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" with Leonardo DiCaprio - remember that? The movie begins and ends with "Sell me this pen."

You have a business. Maybe you’re in the midst of a rebrand, pivot or brand refresh. Your business could also be new. Either way, you need more sales.

The sales climate is different now. Some people are richer, some poorer. Value sets have changed. All over the world people are on the move. Who was once your customer may not be your customer anymore.

The events of the past two years have created a lot of uncertainty. What does this mean for you and your business?

Sales have always been about emotion, and now is no different. When I talk to clients and prospects, the resounding theme is that they need more emotion in their content, but they don’t know how or what to write.


I love the “sell me this pen” as an example of how to put emotion into your mindset. It’s about selling, but it’s also more than that. Once you understand this concept, you can apply this type of thinking to how you look at your website content, marketing and selling strategies.

What you need to remember is that it’s about the feeling.

It's not about the ink or how smooth it writes or even the materials. It's how the pen changes your life.

For example, this pen helps me close deals. Now I'm a millionaire from the contracts I signed. This pen gives me the freedom to buy my dream house and go on a vacation. This pen gives me financial freedom so I can do what I want, when I want.

When I hold this pen, I have power.

When I use this pen, I feel more confident.

People listen to me when I use this pen.


Imagine you are selling a sailing charter. You love sharing the machinations of your sailboat - what makes her sail so smooth, the engine, the rigging - all of the features.

The reality is that most people who go on a sailing charter don't care about all of that. They just want the experience of sailing, of being out on the water, the romance of the seas if you will.

What sells that sailing charter is the feeling that people have while they're on the water and when they disembark.

These passengers feel relaxed and happy. If they have never been on a sailboat before, they feel proud that they went. The fresh, salt air revitalizes the senses and energizes the soul. The majestic skyline views from the water, the chance to see marine-life up close and in nature are an added bonus. That's how you sell that pen.


This same principle applies to clothing, home decor, art, jewelry, cars, houses - anything. Look at yourself. When you buy something, how does it make you feel?

You feel pretty when you wear that dress. You feel powerful when you drive that car. You feel rich when you open that front door.

Take those feelings and apply that to your selling, marketing and branding strategies.

No one wants to be sold to - especially now.

People are seeking comfort, security, and safety, but most importantly, an emotional connection to their buying. Your product or service can fulfill that emotional vacuum if you do it right.

You with me on this?

It all starts with "sell me this pen".

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Until next time,

Keverne Denahan

Luxury Copywriter & Brand Expert

Copyright © Keverne Denahan 2021

Photo by Russ Jani from Pexels


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