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Have you ever noticed how everyone tells you what you need to do in your business? You need to do Facebook, you have to be open on Sundays, you need to sell this, you have to sell that, look at this neighborhood, be like that website. The list goes on and on and on. The same is true when choosing your social media channels. 

There are a lot of different channels, and selecting all of them seems like the right thing to do because it's a pain to do a deep dive into each one. You also might think that if you don't do all of them, then you will miss sales. 

The reality is that managing too many channels is how you will miss sales.  

Assuming you have done all your other "homework," such as creating your Brand DNA and determining your target market, you're ready to decide which channel(s) best suit your business. If you have your buyer persona(s) done, even better. That's more information that can help you choose your platforms.

Pick a platform that you understand. 

If you use Instagram and know it inside out, it's likely that is where your customers live because that is where your interests lie (these things usually go hand-in-hand). Plus, you have removed a learning curve, which is a good thing. You might be thinking, but some of my customers are also on Facebook. Yes, that's true, and some of them are probably on Pinterest too. But where do most of them live? Choose that channel.

Even if you are not doing social media yourself, knowing how it works will save you money, help you understand why it is or isn't working, and help you manage the social person accordingly. 

If you decide you only want one channel, you can do that; it's your business. Putting quality time and effort into one channel is better than spreading it thin (and no, I don't recommend scheduled posts replicated on 2 to 3 channels). It's okay to funnel your people from your website to the social channel of your choice.

Assuming you post frequently and the name matches your company name, any social platform will help you build a robust digital footprint.

Let's touch on the quality time and effort aspect, and let's assume you chose Instagram. You can do a lot on that platform - tag products, build a store, create stories, reels, threads, put links to blogs, videos, events, and new content on your website—the list goes on and on. And video. Video is perfect for showcasing new products or helping to establish you as a Thought Leader in your field of expertise.

I always tell my clients to choose one platform in the beginning. Later, you could add two more, but going over three channels is a bit much. If you have a massive budget for social media, then by all means, do six channels, put yourself everywhere, and hope it sticks. But the reality is that most business owners don't have an unlimited budget, so you need to be thoughtful about every action you take. 

Where does your target market live? Now, choose your channel.

Until next time,


Keverne Denahan

Luxury Brand & Marketing Expert

The Branding Samurai™

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